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Nobel 2007

Os grandes especuladores são os verdadeiros hackers da economia mundial.

October 15, 2007. I have rather annoyed feelings about this prize. Aside from not getting it myself. For example, when I figured out the 'carry trade', no one ever talked about what it really was and suddenly, everyone was talking about it in public. Namely, it was kept secret like so many other tools used in the money magician's kits. Also, I was one of the first people to explain to the Chinese, how to be a true capitalist. Namely, I taught them about Sovereign Wealth. For that alone, I deserve a prize. Or to be shot, heh.


Back to math and magic money: the Nobel Prize winners are part of the machinery which is totally out of control. Computers have sped up the wealth-creation process but they also threaten the system because of speed of movement of magic creation mechanisms. Right now, for example, the media and the magicians are all pretending there is no liquidity suddenly. It 'froze up.' But it didn't freeze up at all, it stopped flowing into one set of investment schemes and suddenly began to flow elsewhere as we see in China or Arab oil nations. It is flowing to raw materials like the oil in Russia.

Language remains the key tool for money making spells. This is why they have to also use false words and conjure up false images to fool people while they manipulate things to get rid of old magic tools while not losing so much money as they drop these tools. It is a game of hot money running from hot potatoes. Right now, they want to dump all the money needed for loans to businesses in the US/EU/UK empire so they can use their loot to chase down profits in the raw materials markets like gold, oil and food. Then the key profit item is to move all this loot back into safe royal pirate coves! -- Elaine M. Supkis in No Nobel Economics Prize For Me.

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