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Madeleine McCann 3

Hooligans em Sevilha, Reuters
Hooligans in Seville, (Reuters, 2006), a typical export product from England.

Tony Parsons's filthy mouth

To it may concern at Mirror paparazzi newspaper:

I have just read Tony Parson's filthy remarks on the McCann case and the Portuguese ambassador comments on the issue.

This xenophobist prose -- "OH, UP YOURS, SENOR", Tony Parsons 29/10/2007 -- deserves my utmost protest and calls for action against this typical paparazzy idiot. To me, Mr Parson is from now on a PERSONA NON GRATA in Portugal. If I have the opportunity to meet him around one of our beaches I will punch him in his stupid mouth and hope to brake some of his remaining teeth.

It is time that some Britts learn that their empire is over for long. And that nobody has the patience to tolerate any kind of colonialist, xenophobist or racial behaviors anymore.

UK is a broken country with a corrupt and scandalous monarchy, generating the most numerous collection of pedophiles around the world, giving home to all kind of provocative special operations against foreign countries (as ever), but also against their own citizens (Diana Spencer and David Kelly are just two recent casualties), sending their own sons and daughters to die in a lost imperialist war, runned by a non-elected Prime Minister. Btw, why is Gordon Brown so worried about McCann affair?

It is no surprise that so many of you leave children alone so that so many of you can get drunk like hell. If you learn to eat fresh sardines and drink red wine in a civilized manner you would give a much better image of yourselves and subsequently have more time to learn how to make love properly.

In not so ancient times Jews were banned from many countries. Brits, exported them to Israel in order to be able to control the oil fields in the Middle East! The xenophobist prose of agent Parson follows the same pattern of intolerance. Well, British people should promptly condemn these attitudes sooner than later if they do not want to regret in the near future this flagrant lack of "civitas".

It is time to declare that the McCann affair is nothing but a sub-political issue. One of those that can be described as a "special operation".

Portuguese won't give british intelligence the opportunity they are patiently fabricating to boycott the Europa-Africa summit. It is time to let Zimbabwe in peace and forget Rodhesia, don't you think?!

Post scriptum (12-02-2008) -- Este artigo de protesto, na sequência de muitos outros protestos e de uma queixa da Embaixada Portuguesa no Reino Unido, deu origem a uma investigação da Press Complains Commission, da qual resultou um pedido de desculpas do Daily Mirror a Portugal, que a seguir se transcreve.
The Portuguese Embassy complained that a comment piece, on the subject of Anglo-Portuguese relations in the wake of the Madeleine McCann investigation, inaccurately characterised the Ambassador’s views on the issue, and contained what were considered to be offensive comments about the Portuguese Ambassador, the Portuguese police and Portuguese people in general.


The complaint was resolved when the newspaper sent the Ambassador a private letter of apology and published the following correction:
Further to our article of 29th October, we are happy to make clear that whilst the contrary impression was given by the comments of the Portuguese Ambassador to the Times on 27 October we can confirm that the Ambassador did Antonio Santana Carlos not, and has not, said that the Madeleine McCann case has seriously damaged relations between Portugal and this country."

Press Complains Commission

    I'll bet this snarky, racist hack for the UK's Mirror can't face looking in one today. I was chatting with a friend on an IM and she told me to check out a site that would really set me off. I couldn't wait to click the link as she knows the kind of stuff that will grab me and make me write about it. Just the headline had me ready for anything - "OH, UP YOURS SENOR". Doood, it's senhor. The more I read, the redder I got. -- The BS Report.

OAM 272, 30-10-2007, 16:27

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Anónimo disse...

I'll help you kick his arse! Read this article from Portugal, Oh, Up Yours if it Wasn't Already There, Tony Parsons.


Belinha Fernandes disse...

Fiquei PODRE quando li aquilo.Enviei um email suave e screvi um post suave mas apeteceia-me meter-lhe umas sardinhas sabes onde...

Diogo disse...

«Brits, exported them (Jews) to Israel in order to be able to control the oil fields in the Middle East!»

Isto é róbado. Esta teoria é minha:

A Inglaterra expressou o seu apoio ao sionismo com a Declaração de Balfour, que colocou em prática com a aquisição do mandato sobre a região por ocasião da perda dos territórios pelo Império Otomano como consequência da Primeira Guerra Mundial, dando início a um aumento substancial da migração de judeus para lá durante duas décadas até 1945, migração esta que se acentuou com a "solução final" que levou os nazis a «exterminarem mais de seis milhões de judeus» durante a Segunda Guerra Mundial sob o governo de Hitler.


António Cerveira Pinto disse...

Não é teoria, são factos. Há uma boa descrição deles no livro de William Engdahl, "A Century of War".


De qualquer modo, fui ver o que escreveste sobre o tema. São factos...

Diogo disse...

Eu sei que são factos meu caro. É precisamente isso que eu defendo no meu post.

Essa exportação conheceu um grande incremento com a «solução final», cozinhada entre os líderes zionistas a a Alemanha Nazi, que serviu para assustar os renitentes judeus alemães e obrigá-los a ir para Israel.

Diogo disse...

António, lê isto:

Simon Wiesenthal, um negacionista do Holocausto disfarçado de caçador de nazis?