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Waiting for the big bang... or for the big badaboom?

It looks OK, but it is not so. The debt we are dealing with is unmanageable. Even USA is falling off the cliff. The financial world is coming to a halt, and the day after the reset we'll get a hell of an headache! The collapse of the Welfare-State is inevitable — unless broken Europe, broken USA, broken Israel and broken Japan go to war against... Iran, Russia, China, Pakistan, etc., and win. But then who's going to live in such a radioactive nightmare?

As an old Portuguese minister said yesterday, we should ask the United Nations to remedy what appears to be a global problem — a 700 trillion USD Ponzi problem!

China is preparing for the worst...

Counterfeit Value Derivatives: Follow the Bouncing Ball (Guest Essay)   (February 3, 2012)


No wonder the market goes up dramatically when there is talk about another quantitative easing (Fed bailout) or emergency rescue (government/taxpayer bailout). These financial game players already know that an open public spigot is on its way, pouring real capital directly into their pockets.
In regulatory actions and legal courts, unregulated insurance claims should simply be declared null and void when applied to real assets and real compensation. “You have no stake, therefore you have no claim. Your agreement was with a third party that did not have adequate capital to pay for a contract with you. Take them to court.” Or “You have an imaginary claim for imaginary damage. Here’s your imaginary money. Your deal was private and unregulated, then it should be settled in private between companies without public intervention or support.”
Did that happen? No, because AIG had collapsed its unregulated private and regulated public functions and Congress had allowed it to do so with the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act. Because the wall came down between regulated and unregulated activity, transparent and “shadow” markets, traditional and investment banking, this private fiat virus broke quarantine and the resulting contagion cannot be put back in the lab.
Because world leaders and their regulators blinked and did nothing, counterfeit private fiat (backed by nothing) has metastasized and infiltrated “genuine” public fiat (backed by country’s productivity if not by gold), and more and more actual money and productivity in the form of austerity is being thrown at a gargantuan and unrecoverable sea of counterfeit obligation.


by Zeus Yiamouyiannis, copyright 2012.


Chris Martenson presenting James Dines (author of The Dines Letter): "Owing 'Wealth In The Ground' Is Your Best Bet to Surviving the Coming 'Supernova of Inflation'" [PODCAST]

James Dines:
At the little-noticed Genoa Conference starting on April 10, 1922, the politicians slipped a profound change into the law by changing “the gold standard” into what they called “the gold-exchange standard.” Politicians decided to count gold twice (the gold itself and also the gold-backed currency). That doubled the money supply. (The fallacy is that the gold-exchange standard counted the gold twice-once where it was stored, and again in any country that held paper dollars or pounds backed by gold.) The unleashing of that much cash in 1922 was the true cause of the subsequent boom into 1929. It was an inflation that was punished by the subsequent deflation of the early 1930s. Believe it or not, this is a position almost totally disbelieved to this very day, and you won’t even readily locate that 1922 Conference in current history books, much less in the press!”

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