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Novas sanções a Portugal... e Espanha

Os credores têm a faca e o queijo na mão

E decidiram atalhar a euforia populista de esquerda que invade as antigas ditaduras do sul da Europa: Portugal, Espanha e Grécia. Para bom entendedor...

EXCLUSIVE / The European Commission will launch a sanctions procedure against Spain and Portugal or the first time, as the college concluded on Tuesday (10 May) that the two countries have not made “sufficient effort” to cut their deficits, EurActiv.com has learned. 
The college held an orientation debate on how to deal with the most difficult cases under EU fiscal rules and the country-specific recommendations for member states.
The Commission will unveil a package of fiscal and structural reforms recommendations on 18 May 
During the orientation debate, there was a “broad acknowledgement” that Spain and Portugal are cases for stepping up the procedure, an EU source told EurActiv. 

Commissioner for the Euro, Valdis Dombrovskis, wants a single approach in order to avoid complaints from Portugal about favourable treatment given to larger member states like Spain. 
Once the executive adopts its decision next week, the recommendation for stepping up the procedure will pass to the Ecofin Council. 
Before next week’s presentation, Dombrovskis, and Commissioner for Economic Affairs Pierre Moscovici, will determine which additional intrusive measures are to be taken in order to guarantee that Spain and Portugal will fulfil the fiscal rules. 
in EurActiv 

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