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Rendimento Básico Incondicional, já!

Robot pelo Rendimento Básico Incondicional - WEF16

Quem diria...

Lembram-se quando, em fevereiro de 2016, mencionei no programa da RTP3, Política Sueca, a necessidade de um Rendimento Básico Incondicional para atacar de frente a deterioração do Estado Social? Pois vejam lá, ontem, dia 12 de janeiro de 2017, os deputados europeus reclamaram isto mesmo!

Meps Want 'Free Cash' To Address Job-Killer Robots Threat 
By Jorge Valero |  
Pre-Davos report calls for reforming capitalism to survive global backlash. 
A World Economic Forum study warns that democracy is in “deeper crisis” and champions more ‘inclusive’ growth, amid growing inequality fuelled by technological disruption.
The mood will be rather gloomy (again) this year when at least 50 heads of state and government and hundreds of business leaders meet next week (17-20 January) in Davos Switzerland.

MEPs want ‘free cash’ to address job-killer robots threat 
By Jorge Valero | 
EU legislators today (12 January) called for a universal basic income to combat the looming risk of job loss by the onward march of robots, as well as concerns about European welfare systems. 
Technological progress is no longer seen as safe path toward prosperity. A new generation of robots and the development of artificial intelligence may improve how we manufacture goods or how we spend our leisure time. 
But this new wave of intelligent gadgets and autonomous robots could also destroy thousands of jobs without creating new ones in the same proportion, warned a non-legislative report adopted by the European Parliament’s Legal Affairs Committee (JURI).
The development of robotics and AI has raised “concerns about the future of employment, the viability of social welfare and security systems” and, ultimately, is “creating the potential for increased inequality in the distribution of wealth and influence”. 
MEPs have, as a result, told member states that a universal basic income should be “seriously considered”.

Para seguir o debate pelo Rendimento Básico, que outros chamam de Cidadania, aqui vai um link útil.

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