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O Ocidente ainda não percebeu que deixou de ditar as regras

Chinese missiles are seen on trucks as they drive next to Tiananmen Square and the Great Hall of the People during a military parade on September 3, 2015 in Beijing, China.
(Original Photo: Kevin Frayer/Getty Images/ edited)

A guerra do gás continua a aumentar a parada belicista no Médio Oriente e no Mediterrâneo. A projeção da crise de refugiados em direção à Europa, e o colapso das exportações alimentares comunitárias para a Rússia, são o preço inicial que esta Europa desmiolada começa a pagar por causa dos idiotas que a dirigem, de cócoras para Washington.

Portugal deve tomar uma posição diplomática de distanciamento da deriva belicista euro-americana, e enveredar pela adoção imediata de uma posição de neutralidade no que começa a parecer-se cada vez mais com uma escalada bélica que pode revelar-se incontrolável.

Somos pequeninos? Somos. E por isso mesmo podemos e devemos assumir uma postura útil e pedagógica, nos antípodas das afirmações aventureiras do senhor do PS que hoje administra um banco falido chamado Banif!

Russia sends ships, aircraft and forces to Syria: U.S. officials
Reuters, Business | Wed Sep 9, 2015 11:49am EDT

Russia has sent two tank landing ships and additional aircraft to Syria in the past day or so and has deployed a small number of forces there, U.S. officials said on Wednesday, in the latest signs of a military buildup that has put Washington on edge.

The two U.S. officials, who spoke to Reuters on condition of anonymity, said the intent of Russia's military moves in Syria remained unclear.

Will China Invade Alaska, Canada? Will Russia?
The theory of 65-year cycles points to a critical moment in China's evolution
Observer, By Bernie Quigley | 09/03/15 1:02pm

Because the Chinese have been studying the cycles. From generational theorists William Strauss and Neil Howe, they have learned that political/cultural cycles last only 65 years, and then they collapse, cycles first observed by Taoist monks and Roman philosophers. And China is exactly 66 years advanced since the Chinese Communist Revolution of 1949. In terms of generational cycles, China is on the eve of destruction. (In terms of the Strauss/Howe theory, so are we.)

The Chinese have been studying Western theories and economic cycles like the Elliott Wave, which suggests that the life cycle of a dominant currency has its limitations, and the American dollar cycle has ended. They have been studying economist Harry Dent, investment gurus Jim Rogers, Marc Faber and libertarian Ron Paul, seen often here only in the shadows, and understand that America is at a full economic transition, potentially a catastrophic cultural turning.

They have been reading Nicholson Baker’s day-by-day account, Human Smoke: The beginnings of WWII, the End of Civilization. They understand fully without Western sentimentality or illusion what comes next at the end of the economic cycle: Total war.

One remark to Bernie's post: you should metric the 65 years cycle, not from 1949 on, but 1960 on, which would lead China strategic calculus to 2025. That is within a decade... The explanation for this suggestion is simples: before 1960 China had to import all the oil it needed, namely from Russia, after 1960 China became a self-sufficient oil producer... until 2015, when its Daqing oil peaked, like it peaked in USA in 1973...

So before 2030, as Donella Meadows and the team that worked with her on the The Limits to Growth predicted, the entire worl will be in big trouble.

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