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Rússia e China unem-se contra o belicismo americano

O presidente da França, François Hollande, se encontra com Fidel Castro em Havana.
(Foto: Alex Castro / AP Photo) Globo

A desgraça anunciada dos vassalos europeus de Washington

“...unless the dollar and with it US power collapses or Europe finds the courage to break with Washington and to pursue an independent foreign policy, saying good-bye to NATO, nuclear war is our likely future.” — Paul Craig Roberts

Se há personagem caricata na política europeia, Hollande é certamente a mais deprimente. Só depois de Obama ter anunciado o desmantelamento progressivo do cerco que há mais de meio século os Estados Unidos mantém contra Cuba é que o presidente francês, representante do estado terminal do 'socialismo' europeu, teve a brilhante iniciativa de visitar Cuba. Ou seja, a Europa continua a ser uma mão cheia de estados vassalos do falido e declinante império americano.

Entretanto, a ocorrência mais importante da semana passada foi a resposta dada pela Rússia e pela China ao expansionismo provocatório e belicista dos Estados Unidos e da sua cauda militarista, a NATO, de que faz parte uma mão cheia de estados sem espinha dorsal, a começar pela França.

Washington tem feito tudo para montar um cenário de guerra global. Russos e chineses concluíram que esta inércia belicista está a rolar a toda a velocidade, e preparam-se para o pior: uma guerra nuclear.

Quem mais sofreu e quem realmente venceu a Alemanha nazi e o Japão? 

Ao contrário do que reza a mentira americana e inglesa, foram a ex-União Soviética e a China. Hoje estes dois grandes países estão unidos numa nova aliança estratégica contra a ameaça americana, cada vez mais provocatória e belicista, e que tem arrastado na sua cauda os vassalos imbecis e sem vergonha da Europa.

Vale a pena ler a este propósito:

War Threat Rises As Economy Declines
Paul Craig Roberts, Keynote Address to the Annual Conference of the Financial West Group, New Orleans, May 7, 2015

Ex-URSS e China pagaram a mais pesada fatura da II Guerra Mundial

Wolfowitz Doctrine:

“Our first objective is to prevent the re-emergence of a new rival, either on the territory of the former Soviet Union or elsewhere, that poses a threat on the order of that posed formerly by the Soviet Union. This is a dominant consideration underlying the new regional defense strategy and requires that we endeavor to prevent any hostile power from dominating a region whose resources would, under consolidated control, be sufficient to generate global power.”


When Russia blocked the Obama regime’s planned invasion of Syria and intended bombing of Iran, the neoconservatives realized that while they had been preoccupied with their wars in the Middle East and Africa for a decade, Putin had restored the Russian economy and military.

The first objective of the Wolfowitz doctrine–to prevent the re-emergence of a new rival–had been breached. Here was Russia telling the US “No.” The British Parliament joined in by vetoing UK participation in a US invasion of Syria. The Uni-Power status was shaken.

This redirected the attention of the neoconservatives from the Middle East to Russia. Over the previous decade Washington had invested $5 billion in financing up-and-coming politicians in Ukraine and non-governmental organizations that could be sent into the streets in protests.

When the president of Ukraine did a cost-benefit analysis of the proposed association of Ukraine with the EU, he saw that it didn’t pay and rejected it. At that point Washington called the NGOs into the streets. The neo-nazis added the violence and the government unprepared for violence collapsed.

Victoria Nuland and Geoffrey Pyatt chose the new Ukrainian government and established a vassal regime in Ukraine.


The real reason for Quantitative Easing is to support the banks’ balance sheets. However, the official reason is to stimulate the economy and sustain economic recovery. The only sign of recovery is real GDP which shows up as positive only because the deflator is understated.

[o novo protecionismo, interessante...]

To restore the economy requires that offshoring be reversed and the jobs brought back to the US. This could be done by changing the way corporations are taxed. The tax rate on corporate profit could be determined by the geographic location at which corporations add value to the products that they market in the US. If the goods and services are produced offshore, the tax rate would be high. If the goods and services are produced domestically, the tax rate could be low. The tax rates could be set to offset the lower costs of producing abroad.


...unless the dollar and with it US power collapses or Europe finds the courage to break with Washington and to pursue an independent foreign policy, saying good-bye to NATO, nuclear war is our likely future.

Washington’s aggression and blatant propaganda have convinced Russia and China that Washington intends war, and this realization has drawn the two countries into a strategic alliance. Russia’s May 9 Victory Day celebration of the defeat of Hitler is a historical turning point. Western governments boycotted the celebration, and the Chinese were there in their place. For the first time Chinese soldiers marched in the parade with Russian soldiers, and the president of China sat next to the president of Russia.


As the years have passed without Washington hearing, Russia and China have finally realized that their choice is vassalage or war. Had there been any intelligent, qualified people in the National Security Council, the State Department, or the Pentagon, Washington would have been warned away from the neocon policy of sowing distrust. But with only neocon hubris present in the government, Washington made the mistake that could be fateful for humanity.

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