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A austeridade na China

Carros oficiais e motoristas, só mesmo para alguns

Até na China a austeridade ataca sem piedade... desta vez eliminando 50% das despesas com carros oficiais. Carros e motoristas para burocratas, acabaram! E na Lusitânia corrupta e falida que temos? Quando é que ganhamos juízo e pomos a corja devorista na ordem?

Sub-anchor: More restrictions on government cars - CCTV News - CCTV.com English

Sub-anchor: More restrictions on government cars
01-26-2015 04:19 BJT

The number of cars reserved for government officials has been a cause of public discontent in the past. Austerity measures have been aimed at addressing this concern. Now for more on the issue, we're joined in the studio by my colleague Jin Yingqiao.

Q1: Tell us more about the guidelines issued last year to regulate this. Specifically, who can no longer use tax-payers' money on a government car?

A: Well, it's a massive scale operation going on around the country. So who's affected? According to a 2014 State Council directive, all officials below the rank of deputy minister no longer have a car and a driver. They can still use official vehicles, but only for special reasons, such as emergencies and law enforcement. What do they get instead? Transport subsidies ranging from 500 to 13-hundred yuan per month depending on their rank. Now this system is more in line with countries that have stricter policies, like the United States. There, only the President, vice president and ministers can use government cars to commute from home and work. Some others are permitted to drive government cars from their work place to bus stops, provided that there's no public transport or shuttle bus on that route. So China is making progress. At the national level, 3,000 cars are on auction now. At the local level, reforms have to be enforced by the end of this year.

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When driving in China, it is easy to spot government officials: they are the ones in the luxury German saloons, usually with blacked-out windows.

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